Friday, 1 March 2013

Bit of what we got up to in 2012.

Last year was when we became so much more relaxed and moved to unschooling. As I've mentioned J my son still does some 'work', hate the word but not sure what else to call it, he likes to use Conquer Maths to study Math, he reads books on his kindle, he learnt about the Romans and that included a lap book he made and he made a bust of Ceasers head etc. He also learnt about The Victorians and what they did for us. He enjoyed doing a lot of cookery....home made pizza, Mississippi mud pie, Honeyed Chicken, you name it, he also grew his own potatoes, he joined in African drumming classes which he loved, he did a Silver Art Award in portrait photography, learnt about WW2, Rainforests etc.

Also he competed in a lot of Golf competitions, he plays with the Disabled Golf Association and was picked for their Wales team ( only junior on the team). He also played in the British Disabled Junior Open, a two day competition and he came 4th. He also played some mainstream competitions at his local golf club that he belongs too.

2012 was also a tough year as we lost my gran to cancer and a week or so later her husband/my grandad also to cancer, this knocked J for six, he is a very sensitive soul. Later in the year we then lost my other nan who passed in her sleep.

O and of course that annoying socialisation word.....for any wondering he went to a home ed group full of adults n kids, he went to a junior golf group, played golf with the adults at Disabled golf Association events (and won), he went to a church youth group, etc.

Well that's a taster of 2012 and a few pix :) Now we are full flow for 2013 and enjoying life and learning.