Saturday, 13 June 2015

January to April 2015

More busy busy busy so the poor blog was neglected again.

So much to share its hard to know where to begin so it wont be in any particular order :)

Jord played a number of comps with the Welsh Disabled Golf Association, at Greenmeadows he came 3rd, at Alice Springs he got closest to the pin but hated the course, and at St Mellons he didn't have the best of days but battled on to finish the round.

Jord became a Mentor for the ROAR project that promotes inclusiveness in volunteering roles. He also spoke at the ROAR media launch and volunteered for the day at the event along side Golf Development Wales. He also volunteered with Swansea Inclusive Futures at the Virgin Media sports taster day. Jord had the amazing opportunity to go on a 3 day stay away at the Inclusive Futures National Camp at Loughborough University, he had an amazing time and didn't want it to end.

Jord went to see his coach and the following day went on a PING experience day which he loved.

We had an extended family meal together which was an lovely afternoon to catch up with cousins, aunts, uncles etc.

Jord got called back to do a second year with the RCT Future Champions mentoring program :)

Last Dec we rescued an ex long term stray and 7 weeks ago we rescued another ex long term stray so he has enjoyed helping them to adjust to home life.

Jord has done lots and lots of studying and revision for his GCSE's in Maths, History and Business Studies.

Jord played in junior 1st team matches home and away for both clubs he plays for Rhondda and Bryn Meadows......he won or halved them all except for the last one against The Vale.

Jord also featured in The PGA 2015 magazine.

Jord has been learning to play the guitar.....he has used you tube to teach himself.

There has also been the usual appointments at CAMHS, Audiology, etc.

He has lots more exciting stuff coming up for the next few months so I will add all that to the next blog update.

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