Friday, 13 May 2016

Serious lack of posting.....

Seriously behind on posting in this blog but things have been pretty tough for Jord since September last year. Save explaining it all I'll just use his words from his blog with his permission so as to describe things and then fill in under each photo I post.....

"I've been unwell for a long time but since last Summer it’s got worse and worse and as well as my disabilities ive been diagnosed with B12 deficiency so need 3 monthly jabs and I’m also having tests including MRI and CT scans for chronic fatigue, chronic headaches, dizziness etc.
2015 was another brilliant year despite being ill for half of it and I've had so many amazing opportunities. I was junior vice-captain at Brynmeadows golf club, junior captain at Rhondda golf club, played for both junior 1st teams, volunteered at Valleys Golf and First Swing Academy 2 nights every week, volunteered with Golf Development Wales, went to the Inclusive Futures National camp in Loughborough, been a mentor and ambassador for Swansea Inclusive Futures, am a Golf Development Wales National Youth panel member, became a Gold Young Ambassador, was called back to do a second year on the RCT Future Champions programme, played for Wales with the disabled Welsh team, played in the awesome ISPSHanda Ladies European Tour Masters ProAm, played in the Ian Poulter Invitational and met my idol Poulter, passed my Level 1 coaching and was a finalist in the BBC Sport Wales awards in the Young Coach of the Year category. I also caddied for one of the blue box lads when he played in a comp at Celtic Manor. A photo of me was used on the IJP website and emailed out for a competition they run (I love IJP clothing), and I also won Best Overall Junior at the junior awards night at Rhondda Golf Club.
So far in 2016 I've continued to volunteer as much as I can, had Under 18's Glamorgan County Coaching, played in the Glamorgan County Spring Meeting, volunteered with Golf Development Wales at the Street Golf games at Cardiff Stadium, took part in the Valleys Golf Fire Golf and took part in Swansea Inclusive Futures Regional Camp. I've not been able to play as much as I’d like to but am doing as much volunteering and playing as I am able to and am hoping to find out what is up and get it helped/sorted/treated if or when the tests show anything then get back on form and busy busy busy as I was before."

Photos in no particular order lol.....

Jord was a finalist in the BBC Sport Wales awards in the Young Coach of the Year category. He was filmed and photographed and interviewed for it. The awards night was a very flashy event so all dressed up for it.

Jordan was filmed for the National Theater of Wales for an event and show about education.

Jordan as he said has been incredibly ill, he even collapsed at Home Ed group and ended up in AnE and had an overnight stay. He has also had a batch of physio.

Jord went to Fire Golf with Valleys Golf.
Jord is on the Golf Development Wales National Youth Panel, they had their new tshirts and also had their forum meets and Jord and another lad went to become Golf Young Ambassadors.

Jord went to the Skindred gig in Cardiff and also traveled around when they did their signings. The guys in the group are fab with Jord and have him on the guest list as well.

Jord won Best Overall Junior at Junior Award Night at Rhondda Golf Club.

Jord has got up to loads at Home Ed group including a session about Pony Care, onesie day, a visit from Porthcawl museum all about WW1 and 2, and also the Bridge to Schools event and the group Xmas party.

We have another cat,another ex stray,plus the other 2 ex strays and our cat we had as a baby. Jord is brilliant with the cats and they also pickup on when he is having a bad day and they cuddle with him.

All the home ed teens went on a Xmas day out, they went ice skating at Swansea Winter Wonderland then for a meal at Jimmy's in Swansea.

Jord won a prize from Hensol Golf Academy

Jord has been teaching himself art using various mediums.

Jord became a Level 1 golf coach, he had wanted to do the course for over a year before but had to wait until he was 16 to do it.

Jord had County Coaching over the winter and also played in a County Golf meet. He struggled to finish the round tho and it was clear he couldn't do 18 holes on foot with him as ill as he is.

Christmas and among other things Jord had a new electric guitar, he has since been teaching himself to play the guitar via you tube and tabs.

Jord was over the moon when IJP used a photo of him and his idol Ian Poulter as the image for their competition.

At the Regional Camp for Swansea Inclusive Futures, Jord is an ambassador and mentor for them.

Jord played for the Disabled Welsh team for a 3rd year running. He was also interviewed for Made in Cardiff on the 2nd day. He sadly had to pull out and almost needed an ambulance as he wasn't far off having hypothermia the 2nd day.

Last but not least back to last year and before he went drastically downhill health wise he caddied for one of the young blue box lads at the golf club at a final the lad played in at Celtic Manor.

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