Thursday, 4 April 2013

What have we been up to over the Winter Months?

What have we been up to over the winter months?

Well J has spent a lot of time on Conquer Maths as he has decided he really wants to do GCSE Maths in September so he is ploughing thru Conquer Maths. He has spent a lot of time on Minecraft designing farms with land and stables and veggie plots etc. He has also been on Sims 3 designing houses from around the world. He has been learning about the Samurai, Dragonflies, Cephalopods, Ants, Romans, different types of weather and why they happen, Deserts, did a lap-book about Xmas around the world, used Sim City 4 to build and run a city, used apps on his ipad for art, cooked his dad a birthday meal, learnt about 1920’s gangsters, researched Drifting with cars, he went to the beach with his grandad, we discussed wind turbines and their benefits as he spotted some after a round of golf, lots n lots of golf including the Easter competition, went to Bridgend Home Ed group were he sat in on GCSE classes for Maths and then the teens played table tennis, went to church youth and was involved in arranging a Mother’s day meal and also went to a Christian gathering and watched a Christian Rock band, he went to Cardiff with a few home ed kids for a few hours, had an audiology appointment and a CAMHS appointment, had an ‘Oscars awards’ party at Bridgend Home Ed group, is going to a gig with his pal this weekend and we got a new kitten so he has been learning all about Kitten care.

For anyone who thinks unschooling is sitting round doing nothing and learning nothing as you can see it is so not true!!!!!

Looking forward to Spring and loads n loads of stuff planned J

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