Saturday, 10 August 2013

What we have been up to thru Spring and into Summer.

Wow its so long since ive updated this but you know how it is home-ed/unschooling families sit around doing nothing and have so much time to themselves....not lol.

Since my last update we have done so much. Jord continued sitting on on the GCSE maths classes at BHE until they stopped to sit the exams. He has done a lot on Conquer Maths as he wanted to catch up to be able to do GCSE Maths this year. He done bits of research on shops throughout the years, how rain forms, learnt all about letter writing and how to set up letters, learnt about Coats of Arms, done lots of Minecraft. He also did cake decorating at BHE and created a golf cake. He has also done a lot of golf. He started the Race to Wales Tour with the Disabled Golf association and has played at a number of courses including Peterstone Lakes, Glamorganshire and other courses. He also joined in with some Special Olympics Golf training. He had the amazing opportunity of playing in the ISPSHanda Sponsors Day at Celtic Manor on the 2010 was an amazing day and experience for him. We also went to Golf Live where he got to meet Colin Montgomerie and Simon Holmes and also took part in a trick show and also won a golf club. Since the beginning of June his tourettes has been incredibly bad to the point he has been in pain and exhausted most days due to it but he has plodded on thru it. Its summer now and he has had some incredible experiences so far and more to come but il update with them at the end of August :)

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