Friday, 18 October 2013

Summer Break 2013.

Boy o boy have we been busy, that and my internet playing up has meant the poor blog has been neglected.

Well in the summer break Jordan played at Raglan Park for the DGA Race to Wales he took part in, he didn't have a great day but did get closest to the pin.

Jord won tickets from Nikon golf on twitter so we went up to Scotland and stayed overnight and went to The Open, this was brilliant for him as he got insanely close to his hero Poulter, watched him on the range and putting green and then followed him round.

Jord also got chosen to play for the Pontypridd Junior First team, he partnered Alice.

This Summer Jord had awesome opportunities afforded him by ISPSHanda and The Golf Academy....the first was in my last blog entry where he took part in a Sponsor Day event at Celtic Manor. This summer he was invited to play in the Ladies European Tour Masters Pro Am at The Buckinghamshire, what an amazing opportunity, he warmed up on the putting and chipping greens and on the range alongside the Pro's. He played with two Pro's.....Marianne Skarpnord and Whitney Hillier. After the round food was laid on and he tried blind putting and also met another Pro who is Welsh Lydia Hall.

He also played in the Junior Open at Royal Porthcawl, it was a chance to play an expensive course at a low price, it was an incredibly tough round and he didn't think much of the course lol.

Another Junior Open was Southerndown, he loved this one and the course and played really well and was unlucky to miss out on 1st and 2nd place which were won by kids playing well under their handicaps.

He played in the Wales Disabled Open, the weather was absoloutly horrendous and the round was ridiculously long but he tried his best and he was really pleased and surprised to place 3rd.

Another Junior Open was Whitchurch, he struggled a lot and had a meltdown on the course but did his best and finished the round.

Then he had an amazing opportunity off ISPSHanda and The Golf Academy as a birthday present he was invited to play in The Wales Open at The Celtic Manor. He had gifts of a t shirt and new Footjoy shoes, warmed up alongside the Pros who he usually watches each week on telly, had a brief lesson with ISPSHanda coach Craig Thomas from The Golf Academy then played a round with the Pro JB Kruger. He was very pleased to get a few course pars so holes played under his handicap including on hole 17 which all the Pro's struggled with in the tournament. There was food after where he also met Phillip Price and the 2014 Ryder Cup Captain Paul McGinley.

That weekend on the Friday and Sunday we went to watch the actual Wales Open tournament, on the Friday he followed JB Kruger and got high fives and balls etc off him and his caddy. He also had a lesson with Craig Thomas. On the Sunday he had another lesson to recap what he learnt and we watched the golf for a few hours before heading home to watch the final on telly.

Also in the Summer he decided to study for 2 GCSE's, he chose Maths and Psychology. He is doing well at both but prefers the maths.

This is a taster of his summer, he played other golf and we visited family etc too. Things are a bit more settled now as he does child led unschooling and he asked me for more routine and structure so as per his request we now have a timetable and more structure but more about that on my next blog update.

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