Thursday, 30 January 2014

Autumn thru to end of December 2013.

Bad blogger alert...badly neglected this blog but in my defence do have an awesome son who is thriving big-time so blog neglect for a good reason :)

Jordan has chosen to study for two GCSE Exams this year (he is only 14). He is studying for WJEC GCSE Linear Maths and AQA GCSE Psychology. He has a tutor class for each subject once a week at Bridgend Home Educators group and then the rest of the work is done at home. They also had a day long Psychology workshop to make sure the children were up to speed. He also did a Mock Math GCSE and got over 80% right, not bad considering he hasn't even done a third of the course work.

Jordan had the usual Audiology, ENT and CAMHS appointments in the mix.

He went to a birthday party at a friends house.

Jord did a bit of cooking including cooking with his cousin at his grandads and also cooking tea for him and his dad and other meals for the family.

He also did a lot of Minecraft and also Sims 3.

We went for a family meal in December with over 20 members of the family there.

The biggest things have been well as his usual playing and practice Jord continued on the Disabled Golf Associations Race to Wales Tour and played in Forest Hills were he came third. 

He was also chosen to play for Wales against England. 

The big achievement was when he won the Race to Wales 2013, he really struggled though the year with his Autism, Tourettes and Hypermobility affecting him on the course but he battled through them and managed to win the Race to Wales.

He did a Junior Leader Course and since then has been Volunteering with Valleys Golf at their Inclusive Coaching and Mainstream Coaching.

He took part in Social Golf at The Vale club and got presented again with his Race to Wales cup at the Presentation Night.

He was filmed, photographed and interviewed for Golf Development Wales about Inclusive Coaching, still waiting on it being put on You Tube.

It was Presentation Night in Pontypridd Golf Club and he won 'Outstanding Achievement'.

He started a 4 year plan with Valleys Golf under the Pro's mentoring to get him to were he needs to be at age 18 to do his PGA training.

He saw his coach in England for a coaching session.

He also was ill for about two weeks of December.

Obviously we had Christmas and he had new golf clubs along with other goodies.

2014 looks to be very exciting as he is looking forward to another golf season and also lots more courses and involvement with Valleys Golf and sitting his exams.

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